The Fight For Freedom Project (F3) is an organization started in 2011 by a Northwestern University student. F3 is a community that seeks to spread the word about slavery as it currently exists and to work together to form a thoughtful and effective response to the issue.

The level of awareness about modern-day slavery – and especially human trafficking – seems to have significantly increased in the US in the 1990s and early 2000s. Even so, it would be reasonable to guess that many people still do not realize:

  • the extent to which they inadvertently promote slavery by what they eat, what they wear, what they buy;
  • the presence (and exploitation) of slaves in the cities where they live and work and to which they travel;
  • the decisions that they can make for the short- and the long-term to start living in a way to end slavery.

Considering the likelihood that this was also true of Northwestern in the fall of 2011, the founder of F3 created the organization on campus. In its first stage, F3 has its focus on 1) the Northwestern community, 2) Evanston, and 3) Illinois.

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